all my pretties

Permalink German dogs great grilling  (at Presidio Of Keizer)
Permalink Still from “The Hatchet Murders of Detroit” coming to theaters in the fall.
Permalink On a boat  (at On Detroit Lake)
Permalink @BuoyTheDog here’s a bear
Permalink Menaced
Permalink Pirate overboard  (at On Detroit Lake)
Permalink Face plant
Permalink Sparkling water
Permalink Boat girl
Permalink @BuoyTheDog doing his “Life of Pi” imitation.  (at Beautiful Detroit Lake!)
Permalink Campfire
Permalink @BuoyTheDog be camping
Permalink The poly-poking of the ambitious Caesar.  (at Keizer Rapids Park)
Permalink Shakespeare in the park.  (at Keizer Rotary Amphitheater at Keizer Rapids Park)
Permalink Just j-walked. I put a gypsy curse on them.