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Permalink Thirsty squirrel
Permalink Adjust fire, over. 
#tbt #throwbackthursday #1987 #13f #army #artillery #campPendleton
Permalink Oh hell yes.
Permalink Aloha.
Permalink These are nom nomz
Permalink D. J. Kitschy Kal
Permalink Not happy about the beard trim I did on her.
Permalink He wants to be outside, but doesn’t want to be that far away from me. Good dog.
Permalink Stay classy @BuoyTheDog
Permalink @BuoyTheDog on #nationalpetday
Permalink First grilling of the year. Pork.  (at Presidio Of Keizer)
Permalink Ya I am.
Permalink Perceiving extra Caliente
Permalink Morning.  (at River Rd.)
Permalink Love my County Road book.