all my pretties

Permalink Oh no @BuoyTheDog, you’re not Jake the Dog. Quit eating Fin the Human.
Permalink Bag of ham. It’s what’s for dinner. #lilyWants  (at Presidio Of Keizer)
Permalink Choo choo
Permalink Making deviled eggs.
Permalink Destined to be deviled.
Permalink Well this article is hard to read.
Permalink Not too messy after all.
Permalink This breakfast burrito is going to be messy.
Permalink Post recital  (at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Salem)
Permalink Ready for zombie Jesus day.
Permalink New reading material
Permalink Thirsty squirrel
Permalink Adjust fire, over. 
#tbt #throwbackthursday #1987 #13f #army #artillery #campPendleton
Permalink Oh hell yes.
Permalink Aloha.