all my pretties

Permalink Mmmm pea fiber.
Permalink Hey hay
Permalink Healthy?
Permalink Zucchini, grilled Turkey sausage stir fry.
Permalink Doing the dishes
Permalink Prepping green beans on the patio. Stole a hard cider from @cljungling stash.
Permalink After 5 years I’ve only slightly dented this box of business cards. (happens almost everywhere I work)
Permalink Deep in dog thought.
Permalink Nailed it. That was a very pleasant experience.
Permalink Tied up
Permalink Great start to a great day. Mcmeffin  (at Presidio Of Keizer)
Permalink My view
Permalink National Dog Day. Say hello to @BuoyTheDog #nationaldogday
Permalink Nearly ripped my fingernail off.
Permalink Grilled lemon pepper pork chops.